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Meet Robert Buckingham, MD,

My passion is treating patients by providing individualized strategies to help them succeed. My practice career, spanning four decades, has offered a rarified perspective of health care delivery, as I have been responsible for patients requiring intensive care, managed care and then those that require comfort care.” – Robert W. Buckingham, MD FACP

Having graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Dr. Buckingham has dedicated his career to understanding and treating sleep-related conditions. His passion for sleep medicine led him to pursue a master’s degree in Neuropharmacology. Dr. Robert Buckingham is a highly experienced medical professional specializing in Internal Medicine and sleep disorders. With over 46 years of experience in the field, he currently serves as the medical director of the Sleep Disorder Center. Dr. Buckingham's expertise in both internal medicine and sleep disorders allows him to provide a unique and comprehensive approach to patient care.

Dr. Buckingham's position as the medical director of the Sleep Disorder Center allows him to utilize his expertise in internal medicine and sleep medicine to improve the lives of individuals struggling with sleep disorders with Dr. Buckingham's extensive experience, clinical acumen, and dedication to advancing the field of sleep medicine, the patients of the Sleep Disorder Center benefit from his expertise in both internal medicine and sleep disorders.

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